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bbMIA : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General questions...

    Q: What is bbMIA?
The bbMIA stands for BunnyBass Musical Instrument Archives. It's basically an extensive online museum filled with thousands of high-quality photographs of all kinds of basses, guitars, and other goodies.

    Q: What are the features of becoming a supporting member of bbMIA?
All areas of the bbMIA archives are available to members, which is currently hundreds of instruments, thousands of high quality photographs. Every month we add new photographs to the archives - it's growing at an alarming rate! For about the same price as a disposable magazine you'll have all kinds of fun and useful information always available to you: the world's largest bass guitar image archives (now lots guitars are being added too!), the monster-sized centerfold pics, an elegant and easy to use message board to talk about music, instruments, and the people who play them, and several special surprise pictures and profiles every month too.

     Q: Does my membership allow me to see only this month's new instruments?
As a supporting member of bbMIA, you'll have access to not only the current month's new instruments, but you'll also have access to all instruments from past months too. In addition you'll also have access to the complete BunnyBass.com archives - every photograph of every bass and guitar ever photographed for the BunnyBass store, 1998 to 2003. In other words, you'll have instant access to thousands of high quality images of the world's finest basses and guitars, and the collection is always growing. Our objective is to create the most comprehensive online visual record of fine basses, guitars, and related musical instruments of this and other historical moments. (Actually, we've already accomplished this, but we want to be bigger - obscenely huge will do just fine).

     Q: When and how often are new instruments added to the bbMIA?
We add new instruments every month, usually the first week of the month. Our photographers are always working to create new images that are not available anywhere else.

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Re: photographs and instruments...

    Q: Do you purchase photographs from photographers?
No, we do not. With the exception of the photographs in the Members Photography Area, all of the instruments in the archives have been photographed by our own photographers.

     Q: I have some photographs of an instrument (or instruments) that I would like to have included in the bbMIA, how do I go about submitting photos?
We maintain a Members Photography Area at the bbMIA that showcases all the instruments that have been photographed by our members. However, not all photos that are sent in for review are accepted and placed in the Members Photography Area. The reason for this is because we are trying to maintain certain standards that will allow the photographs to function as a kind of (visual) informational resource for people interested in guitars, basses, and other musical instruments. Poor-quality images (blurriness, inaccurate color, awkward perspectives, excessively distracting backgrounds, and so on) are less useful as informational documents, not to mention may be unappealing to look at!
     We like to have several photographs of each documented instrument (a "series") in order to present a more complete sense of what the instrument is like. Typical views in a series for a bass or guitar may include: body; back; fingerboard; headstock (front); headstock (back); fingerboard; bridge; controls; a full frontal of the whole instrument; and any other details that show some interesting aspect or character of the instrument - close ups of wood or other materials, electronics, special inlays or ornamentation, and so on.
     Although an instrument may have many photographs in its series, when initially submitting an instrument for review, please just send four photos:
     1.Straight on, full length, from the front.
     2.Straight on, just the body, from the front.
     3 and 4. a couple of nice details of your choice.
E-mail the photos to and we will review them as soon as possible. If the photographs you submit are accepted, we'll ask you for the remaining photos in the series and after the instrument's description page is completed, it will become a permanent part of the archives. If course you will be credited as the photographer on the instrument's description page, and we will also include your e-mail or telephone contact information if you wish.

     Q: I've noticed that most of the instruments in the bbMIA are expensive, hand crafted, or otherwise 'exotic' in nature. Do you also accept photographs of more 'mainstream', production-type instruments?
A: The short answer is yes. Let's imagine that for some reason somebody out there wanted to know what the neckplate looks like on, say, an early1990's made in Japan Fender Jazz '75 reissue. At a time like this it'd be nice to have photos of these kinds of instruments in an archive, even if they are not-so-exotic, just for the sake of information. This is why we accept detailed, high-quality photographs of all kinds of guitars and basses.
     On the other hand, we do tend to be more interested in photographs of rare, custom, or otherwise 'unusual' instruments, simply because most people generally have very little access to seeing these kinds of instruments. Photographs are an extremely useful resource for many individuals - builders, players, collectors, researchers, and so on. Or the photographs in the archive can just serve as a source of pleasure for anyone who appreciates looking at musical instruments - after all, many of them are incredibly beautiful.

    Q: I 've also noticed that many of the instruments in your archives are photographed against a black background. Do I also need to do this in order to have my photographs accepted?
No. We do this as a way to reduce "visual clutter", but there are other acceptable ways of reducing or eliminating the distracting effect of busy, unattractive, and/or uncomplimentary backgrounds. As we mentioned above, we are looking for photographs that are attractive, but also effectively communicate a lot of information about the instrument - it's shape, the methods of it's construction, the materials it is made from, and so on. We think these are the most important qualities in a photographic series documenting a musical instrument.

     Q: If photographs of my instruments are included in the bbMIA - photographs that either I took myself, or your photographers created of my instruments - do I get paid for this?
Sorry, no. The membership fee we collect from visitors is not used to pay for photographs - it is used to pay for the servers that hold the archives (a large expense since we transfer such a tremendous amount of data in the form of visitor downloads, message board traffic, and so on), maintain equipment essential to the project, and the many other miscellaneous expenses that are incurred in the process of building an extensive image archive that can function as a useful informational resource. At this time we cannot afford to pay for photographs.

     Q: I have an instrument (or instruments) that I would like your photographers to document and then include in the bbMIA, how do I go about arranging for the instrument(s) to be photographed?
If you would like your instrument(s) permanently archived at bbMIA, you can either 1) send the instrument(s) to us for documentation; or 2) we can arrange to document your instrument(s) the next time the bbMIA photo-team is passing through your area (
click here to see if we have any documentation tours coming up in your area).
     Alternately, if you live either in the New York City (NY) area or in the Honolulu (HI) area and have one or more instruments you'd like to have documented and archived in the bbMIA, this can be easily arranged. Feel free to contact us. You can also find some more information here.

    Q: I own a guitar shop and would like to have some of my instruments included in the bbMIA? Can I do this as a way to sell an instrument?
Sure, this is fine. If you wish we can list you or your store's contact information on the instrument's description page. Just to be clear though, any 'deal' you make with an individual buyer is between you and that individual. bbMIA is not a dealer of new or used instruments, nor is it a consignment shop. The bbMIA is an image archive, an informational resource, and the criteria as to whether or not an instrument is accepted an inclusion is based on 1) the quality of the images submitted; and 2) whether or not the archive is enriched with the addition of the instrument.

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Membership Issues...

     Q: May I share my username and password with other people I know?
Sharing your username and password is a violation of our
Terms of Membership. If our security software determines that you are sharing your username name and password with others, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to login. In order to access our website again, you will have to re-subscribe.

     Q: How do I cancel my membership?
Currently, there is no need to do anything to cancel your subscription. Your subscription automatically comes to an end after one month (30 days), at which time you will need to renew it if you wish to continue accessing the bbMIA website.

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